Classical, Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar

At JAM, we offers students of all ages and levels the opportunity to improve and cultivate their skills and knowledge of the instrument. We use a wide range of flexible and performance based structures to all. The Course timings and the lessons are tailored to cater your individual needs as a student and a performer.

Guitar beginners may learn notes, lessons and exercises according to their tastes and preferences. The basic techniques will be taught like positions, technique, strumming, chords etc. These Lessons will help students with the necessary skills to play guitar. Students can choose their own kind of guitars like Classical, Acoustic Electric and Bass. Acoustic guitar students will learn the open chords, strumming patterns and finger picking techniques that are used in the modern music styles.

Chords, notes, finger exercises and developing musicianship are main topics covered for the beginner. Only after the basic lessons and exercises, the students will start to work the songs and will continue to learn the basics. Our faculties will come up with simplified and tailored made lessons in order to guide you to learn the music of your interest in a progressive and simplified way.

Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar Lessons for Intermediate and Advanced Students

Intermediate and Advanced guitar students have the opportunity to work with some of the best master classes provided by National and International Professionals, covering a wide range of styles and genres.

Once students have done with the basics, they will start to learn advanced lessons and techniques. As the guitar students progresses from basic to intermediate and advanced, learning becomes easier and the classes will include chords construction, scales and arpeggios, and understanding of music theory. This will provide the foundation and helps students to improvise and compose their own music. Here at JAM Music Center we teach how to Learn music by ear and is a skill that has to be incorporated, which will allow in depth understanding of different styles, chord and changes.