A drummer with stunning dynamics, style and grooved to perfection. Thats what Mathew sir is. And on a teacher’s seat, he’s the most flexible (though his teaching rules are applicable :), friendly, dedicated and well structured on all aspects. My experience with him as a student for 2 years widened my knowledge and skills to a level where professionalism became my friend and creativity, a simple fact. His planned and structured approach to lessons, hand exercises, and his skills in drum sound & tuning pushed my interests into the finest but most important things a drummer should be aware of. And all his students, past & present, are all tuned up with a lot of dynamics and energy.

Mithun Puthenveettil (Drummer, Avial)

Speaking of gifted, and the first name that comes to my mind is Mathew. I have known Mathew for a long time now. He is an immensely talented, dedicated drummer. He has style, and his innovative contribution to drumming has influenced many a budding drummer. He is a passionate and patient instructor, making sure each of his students play “in time”. Enrolling oneself at the Jam Drum School, according to me will …. bring out the hidden musician in oneself… So look no further…..join Jam School for a brilliant future in the world of drumming!

Pinson Correia (Veteran Drummer, 13AD Band)

The instruction offered at the “Jam Drum School” is paralleled by no other in India. Having studied under Mathew Sir for 4 years, I can honestly say that without his guidance and help, I would not have been able to achieve what I have today. His thoughtful and well-planned approach to drumming and impeccable musicianship continues to pay off in dividends. If you are looking for a place to become a well-rounded musician in every aspect, look no further. This is THE place.

David Abraham (On-going PhD in Percussion Performance at the Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati University, USA)

I started drum classes in search of finding a new way to express myself and I found the perfect teacher to guide me.

An important thing I took away from Jam, besides the detailed drum lessons, hand exercises, foot techniques and so on, was a greater clarity of the philosophy of music as a whole. Mathew Sir would always be particular about the feel of the playing and always stressed on maintaining the groove. Also, I learnt that it is very important, if not most important, to focus on the right reasons of music i.e. the honest expression of oneself. Despite this emphasis on feel, I learnt the importance of building a solid foundation of technique and skill. As it is only with these elements, the music can be expressed.

At Jam, playing the drums does not start with drum sticks. It does not even start with how to flex and stretch hand muscles. It starts right from the concept of rhythm and beat. Basic ideas on how to get a feel for groove is taught and you build yourself from the ground up. Each concept and idea is taught with depth and purpose. With this firm building of your skills comes a very important feature – longevity.

Another very important thing I learnt at Jam is commitment. Nothing comes without commitment and in my opinion, Mathew sir embodies this. The most beautiful part of having such a dedicated teacher is that it is a huge inspiration for the students also. So many times, a student will get frustrated or bored with a beat. Mathew Sir will then come and play the same and all of a sudden, the beat takes on a whole new revitalized form, which drives the student to try harder at it. This dedication should also reflect in the student. Only then can he/she really attain more. Mathew Sir always encourages students who show that drive and commitment. I learnt that the philosophy and lessons of dedication and even the practice routines/schedules taught by Sir, can be applied not only to music in general, but pretty much every aspect of life. To me, there was so much more than just drum lessons that one can take from this course.

Jeet Suresh Paul (Master of Music in Music Technology at New York University)

An environment of music that encourages interactive learning is one of the many features that places JAM apart from other schools in the field of music. I have found my lessons very informative and enjoyable. The lessons were perfectly organized and very interesting. The needs and interests of students were always taken into consideration. The training provided to students is of an extremely high standard and the curriculum is very well organized.

Mr. J. Mathew, or Mathew Sir (as he is fondly referred to) has been and continues to be an inspiration to all his students. He is a wonderful source of encouragement & guidance and is very knowledgeable in music and musical instruments. JAM instills in students both a deep love for music and the spirit for hard work.

Leah Catherine (A former student. Bachelor’s degree in Life Science, McMaster University, Ontario)

Dear Mathew, you have been very sincere with your guidance and support to your students and it is not surprising that they are doing well. We are thankful to you for Rohan receiving excellence award in music this year. God Bless you!!

Pankaj Savara (F/o Rohan Savara) Regional Director – ME, Africa. Western Australian Trade Office, Dubai

This is to let you know how very pleased I am with the education of my 14 year old son; Floyd is receiving at Jam drum school. Floyd has had great success with his drumming. In particular, with the guidance of Mr. Mathew, I look forward to Floyd’s continuous progress. Thank you for all your effort, guidance and support.

Foster Libera (F/o Floyd Libera, distinction holder in ATCL diploma exam conducted by Trinity College London.)

Kudos to you Mathew……for your inspiration and guidance to so many talented youngsters….Congrats to Floyd on all his achievements….God bless u both…

Geetha Ramdas (Ex- Faculty, The Choice School, Cochin)